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Hi I am Dennie


Hi I am Dennie,

If you can’t tell I am a webcam cover for your laptop or tablet. Most children have a sticker or a piece of tape on their webcam to keep the creeps out. Most adults don’t even realize that hackers can hack into your computer and watch you. Yes that is true and yes that is creepy! I am part of the Identron protection package that comes with each Identron subscription.

Along with me each Identron member also receive the following:

A DNA kit that stores:

  • current photo
  • physical description
  • DNA sample
  • finger print chart

RFID credit card sleeves

  • one for your phone
  • one for your wallet

Keep the peepers out. Get protected today. Once you sign up for Identron your protection kit will be mailed out to you within 7 to 10 business days.

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