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Identity Protection tips

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Identity Protection Tips

~ Sign up with a credit monitoring program

~ Do not email important personal information.

~ Tax returns, social security numbers, banking information, etc.must be sent via a secure internet transmittal system.

~ Do not click on emails if you do not know who they are from.

~ If you get an email from your bank or credit card company. Do NOT Click on the link. Go to the company’s website directly and log in.

~ Protect your computer with anti-virus protection

~Do not use un-secure public WIFI when you are banking or entering any personal information online.

~ Have strong passwords with a variety of numbers and letters~ You are permitted to a free annual credit report once per year at: This is recommended by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

~ Don’t carry your social security card around with you

~ Be cautions about who you give personal information too.

~ Shred any credit card offers, bills or bank statements that arrive via mail.

~ Be sure to check your mail on a daily or as close to basis.

~ Review your credit card statements for charges that you may not have made.

~ Review credit card statements for cards with zero balances to make sure no one is using it.

~ Limit the number of credit cards that you have.

~ Remove you name from getting pre-approved credit card offers.

~ Have your name removed from the credit bureau marketing list:

888-6OPTOUT (888-567-8688)

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