What Our Clients Are Saying

"No brainer. Everyone needs Identron."
Paul C.

"I had no idea that my 3 year old daughter could be a target for identity theft! This is very disturbing. I am very happy that I signed up for a family Identron package and that I can be assured that my family will have the best identity theft protection available."

" I hate to even admit this but my daughter took pictures of each of our passports before we went to France and posted on Social Media about how she could not wait to go the Europe with her family. Thank you Identron for now watching out for us."
- Anonymous

" As a single mom, I don't have time to even imagine cleaning up an identity theft mess for myself or one of my kids. It is very sad that we have to worry about such a thing in the first place but I guess in today's day and age of technology we don't really have a choice. Thank you Identron"
- Dawn R.

"I am an older person who is not very tech savvy, I don't even know how these hackers are getting our information but every day on the news is yet another report of them getting into somewhere they don't belong. Figuring out how to sign up for Identron was very easy and I feel better knowing that they are watching out for me"
- Barbara M.

"I knew something was odd when my 6 year old son started receiving college letters and razors from a national razor company in the mail. I discovered that someone had been using his identity for 3 years!! Now that I have Identron I will be alerted to any suspicious activity for my son and the rest of our family members. There are a lot of desperate creeps out there."
- Krissie S.

"One of my biggest fears with online exposure is what my moronic teenagers are posting. They alert the world to everything going on in their lives. Kids don't realize that hackers are out there looking for all sorts of personal information. I am glad that Identron is monitoring our online credit activity."

- Jessica S.

" Well that was easy! Thank you Identron for making the process so quick and easy to get identity theft insurance"
- Dave M.

"My daughter was working on the family home computer when the screen went blank and a " help desk" phone # appeared. She called it. It was a hacker who she (unintentionally) allowed access to remotely log in and he was clicking on banking accounts that had automatic login features. She eventually unplugged the computer but we are not exactly sure what he saw or gained access to so we decided that we need to get some identity theft insurance. Identron was very easy to navigate and sign up with."

- Art N.

"The family plan is great. I really like the DNA kits for the kids. I would hate to ever have to use one but it is reassuring knowing that I have it ready to go if I ever needed it."

- Mom of 3


$1 Million Dollar Protection-Restoration Insurance Policy

% Of All Children

will be affected by identity theft before they turn 18*