Helpful ID Protection Tips

Avoid identity theft by following a few simple practices

Social Media Security settings

Social Media sites make ongoing adjustments to privacy settings. Take 5 minutes to review your Facebook privacy settings. "Settings" is located in the upper right corner (the downward arrow). You may be surprised at what they are set at.Afterwards forward this to your friends so that they will check their settings.


300,000 wallets are lost or stolen each year

If your wallet was stolen would you know what was in it? Credit card numbers, driver's license, health insurance card info, etc? Take a minute, empty your wallet onto the photocopier. Spread out your cards and hit start. Then put the copy somewhere safe (not in your wallet). If your wallet ever goes missing you will know what was in there.

Check your mailbox everyday

Identity thieves love pre-approved credit card offers. Be sure to clean out your mailbox each day to ensure that mail does not pile up and become susceptible to identity thieves stealing your offer and using your credit card promotion for their own use. Opt out if you do not wish to receive pre-approved credit card offers.


List your cell phone on the do not call list

To add your # to the Do Not Call Registry, go to or call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone you want to register.

Synthetic Identity

Watch our video on Synthetic Identity theft to learn how an identity thief creates a synthetic identity using a child's stolen SSN.


Know where your Health Insurance Card is

Do not carry your health insurance card with you everyday in your wallet or purse. Leave it at home somewhere safe and secure.


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% Of All Children

will be affected by identity theft before they turn 18*