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The Redhead Mom blog is great.

www.redheadmom.com It is full of helpful information for all sorts of moms. Shannon did a great job educating her followers about child identity theft. She wrote about the risks associated with child identity theft and the family focused solutions that Identron identity theft protection plans offers at www.Identron.com


Life Happens, Wine Helps

Meet Christina Tavarez and her beautiful daughter. Christina's blog " Life happens wine helps" is fantastic. It reflects a great sense of humor about the realities of being a mom. It focuses on managing life and loving her children very much. Check out the great post she wrote about Identron.



Kimberly is a very active woman with a great family and "mini zoo" as she puts it. Her blog is full of great information for families including movie reviews. To read more please visit her blog at www.SheScribes.com


Kimberly posted a great piece on child identity theft. She is helping to educate her followers on the risks of child identity theft. She introduces Identity Protection Planning LLC, a company founded by Dana Mantilia. The company helps to educate, organize, and protect families from identity theft. Identity Protection Planning offers Identron family focused identity theft protection plans. Identron ensures that each family member's identity is protected, including the minor children.


Austin Moms Blog

Austin Moms Blog is the place to go if you are a mom in the Austin area. This blog offers a wealth of helpful information. They can help if you need to plan a party, take some pictures, find a place to eat, or figure out just about anything else Austin can offer!

Austin moms posted a great read about child identity theft. Parents have innocently been exposing children's social security numbers for school, camp, and sports. Unfortunately, this in addition to all of today's data breaches, has put our children are at risk of identity theft. Identity Protection Planning LLC is helping families across the country get protected with Identron identity theft protection.


Sippy Cup Mom

Dana Mantilia lives in Connecticut. She is a Mom, wife and business entrepreneur. Dana has earned status as a Certified Identification Protection Advisor from the Identity Management Institute. While researching and educating herself on the increasing risks associated with identity theft, she realized how prevalent child identity theft. After speaking with hundreds of everyday parents Dana recognized a lack of child identity theft awareness. She developed Identity Protection Planning LLC. A company that focuses on educating, organizing and protecting all family members (including minor children) from identity theft.


Jen Unplugged

Jen has a great blog full of helpful information. She talks about everything from recipes, technology, travel, and entertainment. She recently posted about how prevalent child identity theft is in the USA. She also informed her readers that they can learn more on how to protect their families from identity theft at www.identityprotectionplanning.com and she mentioned the family focused protection that Identron identity theft protection plans offer.


A Mom's Impression

Kathy has a comprehensive blog that covers everything from travel to craft ideas. Her recipes look amazing. Kathy wrote a post to educate her audience on child identity theft. It is the largest growing crime in the US. Kathy promoted Identron identity theft protection plans. Identron has the most family focused protection available on the market today.


Fab Working Mom Life

Julie's blog Fab Working Mom Life has helpful advice tips for all of the stages of motherhood, recipes, even blogging tips. Julie posted a piece that points out the risks associated with child identity theft. She discusses the family focused identity theft protection that Identron offers


Nerdy Mamma

Chantal has a blog that covers just about everything a mom or dad would ever need to know about raising kids. She has some great suggestions for keeping kids safe. This tied in beautifully with the piece that she posted about how IDENTRON identity theft protection plans are family focused and offer the best value of any identity protection plans available.


Brandi Chantalle

Brandi did a fantastic job writing an informative blog post on child identity theft and how Identron offers protective solutions to identity theft. Her Blog is beautifully composed and full of interesting blog posts.