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You must complete the following steps before your Identron protection will be fully activated.

  1. Account activation is required after the initial sign up is completed. To get to your account visit You enter your account through the member login button located in the header of the website.

    Once at your private dashboard you must enter in all applicable information. For example if you are signed up for credit monitoring, you must enter your social security number (and any minor children's social security numbers if applicable to your plan). If your plan includes bank account, phone number, email, address, etc. monitoring, all applicable information must be entered in the appropriate areas of the dashboard.

  2. If your Identron plan includes credit monitoring, credit reports and/or credit scores your identity must be verified with the applicable TransUnion, Equifax, Experian credit bureaus.

    A. Credit bureaus must locate your "credit file" associated with the identity information you have provided.

    B. Your credit file must contain a sufficient amount of credit history associated with the identity information you have provided.

    If either A or B above cannot be completed you will NOT be able to take advantage of the any of the credit features in your Identron protection plan.Please allow several business days for this process to be completed.

    A and B must be completed for all credit bureaus applicable to your Identron plan. If the above process cannot be completed you will not automatically receive any sort of credit to your monthly expense. You may cancel your plan at any time. Please see our cancellation process for further details.