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Girls, keep your clothes on.


Ask yourself if Grandma would be proud of your social media posts. If the answer is no then either don’t post them or at least limit the damage and take them down. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and whatever other social media outlets there are out there are loaded with girls of all ages taking bikini pics. It may not seem like a big deal but, it is. These posts are out there forever. Kids do not realize that what is posted on the internet is somewhere on the big WWW forever.

And who exactly has access to these photos? Teens may think that they only share these with their “friends” but I would bet that a savvy hacker could convince some young girl that he is a friend of one of her “friends” and in today’s age social media “friends” that pretty much qualifies as a new friend and she would grant him access to her network.

Someday down the road when these young adults are looking for jobs you can be assured that there will be some sort of social medial review of what they have posted.

Some kids think “I only post things to my PRIVATE page/account/feed. As we know data breaches are becoming a bit of a norm. That being said I can only imagine the line of hackers that are trying to expose all of these “Private” accounts. “Its only on my FINSTA not my RINSTA” say some younger folks. Great to know that this is the line of defense when kids determine where to post the questionable stuff.

Here are some tips on what children and teens should not be posting online:

– Drunk or Stoned Photos / Videos

– Naked or nearly naked pictures

– Videos of you or your friends doing stupid things

– Driver’s License / Passport

– Party Details such as; date, time, address

– Videos of you or your friends doing anything illegal

– Passwords, phone #s, Social security #​

– Gossip or bullying

– Parent’s compensation information

– Family legal or personal matters

– Parents employment status: like “My Mom Hates her Boss Mr. Peters”

– Political views

– Banking information

– Pictures or information about family jewelry or Art collections

– Personal information about a divorce or breakups

– Travel/ vacation information

– Mother’s maiden name

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