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Monitor your child’s SSN

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From the moment our children begin daycare, school or camps we are handing out their social security number to anyone that asks for it. “They wouldn’t be asking if they didn’t need it right?” Wrong! Sometimes the reason for requesting a SSN is simply due to outdated forms. Before you hand over your child’s social security number be sure to ask what the specific need is for this information.

Parents do not realize that their children’s SSN needs to be monitored. Why would we need to monitor a child’s SSN? They do not have a job or a credit card. However, that does not mean that someone else does not have a job and a credit card with the help of a child’s SSN.

Luckily the folks at Identity Protection Planning are well aware of the identity theft risks associated with children. They have developed specific IDENTRON protection plans for individuals and families.

Identron plans have up to $1 million in insurance coverage in identity restoration expenses for each family member. for specific plan options visit

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